ADF Code Deployment Error: No credential mapper entry found for password indirection user=???

When we are deploying ADF application code in integrated weblogic server, it will work as expected but when we make ear file and try to deploy on other weblogic server it will give “No credential mapper entry…” error.


We have database connection created in our Model project.When we generate ear file from Application –> Deploy, it will generate %-jdbc.xml file for each Database connection. Set password attribute and update weblogic-application.xml and web.xml file.

We need to create credential mapper in weblogic server to enable the database connection.


  • Click on Application –> Application Properties…
  • Expand Deployment and click on weblogic,
  • You need to DESELECT  ‘Auto Generate and Synchronize Weblogic JDBC Description During Deployment’Capture22


  • Regenerate your *.ear file and try to deploy it. It will resolve your No credential mapper error.

Also make sure you have jdbc data source instead of JDBC URL in application AppModule configuration.



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