Setup the Database Connection in JDeveloper 11g

In this post we will see steps for creating new Database connection in JDeveloper 11g.

Refer my previews post for JDeveloper Installation Steps for install jdev 11g and Oracle XE Database installation for do XE database setup in our local machine.

Steps to create database connection in JDeveloper:

1. Open JDeveloper and select View > Database > Database Navigator.

1. Select IDE Connections > Right-click and choose New Connection.

2. In the Create Database Connection window, specify the field parameters:

a. Connection Name: <any name>

b. Connection Type: Oracle JDBC

c. Username: HR

d. Password: ******

e. Role: blank

f. Save Password checkbox – checked

g. Driver: thin

h. Hostname: localhost or (as this is a local install)

i. JDBC Port: 1521

j. SID: XE

3. Click on the Test Connection button. This will display a success message.


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