Setup for develop ADF application

Minimum setup required to start building ADF application is as follows:

· JDeveloper 11g.

· Oracle XE Database.

· Setup the Database Connection in JDeveloper 11g.


JDeveloper Installation Steps

1. Download jDev 11g version from Oracle site and Select the Installer ‘exe’ file, double click, this will open Oracle Universal Installer.

2. Click Next’ in the Welcome screen.


1. In the ‘Choose Middleware Home Directory’ – you have option to define a new Middleware Home or Use an existing Middleware Home (for example, C:\Oracle\Middleware).

2. Select the option ‘Create a new Middleware Home’ and then define the directory and then click ‘Next’.


1. In the ‘Choose Install Type’ step, you can select the installation type either Complete or Custom. Complete will install JDeveloper, ADF and Weblogic Server (with ADF Runtime).


2. In the Confirm Product Installation Directories, it will display the JDeveloper Middleware home and also where JDeveloper, ADF and Weblogic will be placed after installation. Click ‘Next’.


3. In the ‘Installation Summary’ window, you will see components that need to be installed. Click ‘Next’.


4. This will start the installation.


5. At the end of installation, you will see a prompt to Run Quick Start. Select ‘Done’.


6. In the ‘Quick Start’ window, select ‘Launch Oracle JDeveloper 11g’.


7. Once the User click on Launch Oracle JDeveloper 11g, this will prompt a Select Role window, it gives different roles with which the user can launch JDeveloper with default settings

8. The role displayed as given in the screen shot below


9. Select the Default Role and click OK.

10. The JDeveloper IDE will start after some time.


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