Oracle Database XE Installation

In this post we will discuss second step for ADF installation and demo application. First step you need to install jDeveloper 11g into your local machine.

Requirements for XE Database Installation

· Oracle XE Installer – Download from Oracle website. ex : OracleXEUniv.exe

· 256 MB Memory or more should be available.

· Hard Disk Space – 1.5GB or more.

Note: We will use this XE database for our tutorial.

Oracle XE installation Steps (Windows):

1. Select the Installer, double click, this will launch the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition – Install Wizard.

2. In the Welcome screen click ‘Next’.


1. Click’ I accept’ and then click ‘Next’.


2. In the Choose Destination Location, choose the default folder ‘c:\oraclexe\’. You can change the default location to your liking. Click ‘Next’.


3. If you are prompted to change or enter port numbers then update otherwise select the default

a. The default port numbers are:

i. 1521: Oracle Database Listener.

ii. 2030: Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server.

iii. 8080: HTTP port for Oracle GUI.

4. Click ‘Next’, user is navigated to Specify Database Password screen.

5. In the Specify Database Passwords screen, enter password ‘welcome1’ for SYS and SYSTEM users. Click ‘Next’.


6. The Summary window displays the installation settings. Confirm and click on ‘Install’.


7. Click the link ‘Launch the Database Homepage’ and then click ‘Finish’.


Note: After launching the database home, the next step is to unlock the user, as SYS and SYSTEM are the Database default users and will not be used for any activity.

8. In the database home page, enter SYS/welcome1 or SYSTEM/welcome1 and click login. The database home page will display Administration, Object Browser, SQL and Utilities icon.


9. Select Administration Database Users icon and then select HR user from the listed users. By default HR user is locked and needs to be unlocked


10. Select HR and enter password as welcome1. Change the dropdown from locked to unlocked and save the settings.



11. Log out of Oracle XE UI and then log back in using HR/welcome1.

12. In the SQL tab, you can see default tables such as Employees, Departments, and so on.



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